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The most mysterious person in the blockchain world is SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, the inventor of Bitcoin. For a long time, there have been many legends about him, just like the Mausoleum of The First Emperor of Qin, which only exists but does not know what kind of existence it is.

All that is certain is that SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, who is estimated to own nearly a million bitcoins, was bitcoin's first miner.


In the network so developed today, satoshi is how to do "stealth"?

Nakamoto satoshi can check the trajectory

Vernacular blockchain (ID: HELlobTC) first take you to review, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO from the emergence to disappearance of the action track:

On November 1, 2008, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO published a paper entitled "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System", which first revealed that he had invented bitcoin.

On January 3, 2009, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO dug up the first Bitcoin block, also known as Genesis Block, and received a system reward of 50 Bitcoins.


On February 11, 2009, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO registered the P2P Foundation. According to the data, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO is a 43 year old Japanese male. It is not clear whether the information is true or SATOSHI NAKAMOTO's smoke screen. On the same day, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO claimed that he had developed an electronic cash system called Bitcoin, and gave the original code to open it.

On December 5, 2010, during the wikileaks leak of U.S. diplomatic cables, the Bitcoin community called on Vicky Decrypt to accept bitcoin donations in order to break the blockade. SATOSHI NAKAMOTO is staunchly opposed to giving money to protect the baby bitcoins, on the grounds that bitcoin is too weak to withstand shocks and shocks

On December 12, 2010, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO published his last post on the Bitcoin forum, mentioning some minor problems with the latest version of the software. Since then, he has kept in touch only by email with a handful of people on bitcoin's core development team and has said nothing publicly.

"I have moved on to other things," Nakamoto wrote in an email on April 26, 2011. Since then, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO's email has been shut down.

In 2014, Newsweek issued a news release, said that he found nakamoto himself - Dorian Nakamoto Satoshi; On September 13, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO suddenly posted a denial. Later, Dorian Nakamoto also said that he is not The founder of Bitcoin.

On November 29, 2018, after many years, the account of "Nakamoto" published the status of only one word "Nour", which caused hot discussion in the Bitcoin community, but I do not know whether it was hacked or really Nakamoto in operation.

Nakamoto satoshi is how "invisible"?

Inexplicably, now the Internet is so developed, the government, media, bitcoin enthusiasts, hackers and other various people are trying to "human search" SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, but so far still nothing.

"Who is Satoshi in the end", this issue has become the biggest mystery in the currency circle. So, the question comes, nakamoto satoshi is how to achieve success "stealth"?

The answer is, because of his meticulousness and his ability to hide.

He registered the functional variable name "http://bitcoin.org" on August 18, 2008, and protected the variable name "http://bitcoin.net".

SATOSHI NAKAMOTO chose a functional variable name registrar that could provide anonymity to users' functional variable name registrations, ensuring that they would not be searched by human beings or the government, and as it turned out, they did, and SATOSHI NAKAMOTO was right.

To hide himself, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO uses a Tor browser to send emails, uses PGP encryption and Tor networks to communicate with anyone, even his closest partners, and never reveals personal information. He also used false English spelling, Using Japanese names and copying other people's writing styles to good effect.

Now, although numerous researchers and intelligence agents have investigated his true identity, it has not been verified.


There are 5 kinds of versions of "Zhong Ben Cong" circulating in the street:

1. Aliens

Some people dare to guess, is it like a common plot in science fiction movies, a month of black star high night, alien SATOSHI NAKAMOTO in a flying saucer, quietly came to the Earth, the bitcoin open source code to the Internet. When his glorious mission was completed, he chose to leave quietly, not taking a cloud with him.

2. Future traveler

Some people think imaginatively that SATOSHI NAKAMOTO may be a man of the future, in order to balance the capital of the current economic society, through this era, created bitcoin.

3. He has passed away

Some have speculated that SATOSHI NAKAMOTO may have been seriously ill or had an accident and died in 2011, so his private key to Bitcoin disappeared with him, leaving more than a million bitcoins to sleep forever.

4. A team

Someone looked at bitcoin's code and decided it was too subtle to be written by a single person, more like a team. Perhaps the team was top talent, and creating bitcoin was a long-planned project that had been brewing for several years before finally taking shape.

5. British

The reasons are that he speaks good British English, his time difference suggests that he lives mainly in the United States, and he has a Japanese name, so he is an Englishman living in the United States in A Japanese costume. But these characteristics, may also be used in Satoshi smoke screen.

Finally, you may wonder, with all this great achievement and wealth, why did SATOSHI NAKAMOTO hide himself?

One theory is that Perhaps SATOSHI NAKAMOTO is so attached to the idea of decentralization that he feels bitcoin's system can only be safely decentralized if he disappears.

Just think, if SATOSHI NAKAMOTO is still around, the Bitcoin Foundation must still be led by him. If the government approves SATOSHI NAKAMOTO's arrest, it will bring a devastating blow to the bitcoin community.

Whether SATOSHI NAKAMOTO is "he", "they" or "it", Satoshi has changed the world, everyone who has made or is making contributions to bitcoin is actually Satoshi!